Importance of having QR Code menu at your restaurant

Are you in the restaurant business?

Wondering how to attract your customers to your restaurant post COVID pandemic?

Then creating a QR code menu is the best way to attract the customers by ensuring them a contact less

ordering and payment solution.

What is QR Code menu?

QR code menu is the digital version for physical menu. And this digital menu can be accessed by the

customer by scanning the QR code through their mobile. Once they get access to they can browse your

menu and order the food they like.

Why should you create QR Code menu for your Restaurant?

With this covid situation and as well as technology trend, people try to dine out in a place they can feel

safety and tech savvy. So, having an option of QR code menu at your restaurant will attract many of your

customers to dine out at your restaurant. Along with this there are many benefits of having QR code


Easy Maintenance

These digital menus are easy to maintain compared to physical menu. Any addition or deletion the

product or services from the menu can be easily updated. While in the physical menu, we have to

reprint the new menu with the changes required. Reprinting the menu will be the cost burden. So, the

digital menu is cost effective.

Quick Access

Customers always prefer to have fast services. With this QR code menu, they can directly scan the menu

and place the order form their table. They need not wait for the waiter to attend them.

Less Error

QR menu is the best way of restricting the human error while waiter noting down the order of the

customers. Digital menu will allow the customer to order the food themselves where there will be no

chance of human error.

Attract attention with images

Displaying the images of the food in the menu will be more attractful to the customers. You can upload

the mouth watering images in the digital menu will attract the customers. Also the images will be helpful

to the customer to decide on the food which they would like to order.

Multiple languages

You can also have the QR code in multiple languages. Language in the menu can be changed as per the

customer preference, this option will half you to connect with local customers. The customer can opt for

the preferred language to view the menu.

So, in today world having a QR code menu in your restaurant will improve the overall dining experience

of your customers and yourself.

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